Assistance in dealing with the most stubborn stains.

It may often be the case that inappropriate washing method will additionally work a stain into the fabric, reducing the possibility to remove it in subsequent washes. Gorenje's high-end models offer a special function for effective removal of the most common stubborn stains. Choose the most appropriate among the four offered groups of stains to make sure the laundry is washed effectively. 

  • Sadje/Fruit: oranges, strawberries, bananas, tomato sauce, fruit mashes etc.
  • Kava/Coffee: tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, yoghurt, pasta, lipstick etc.
  • Vino/Wine: red wine, dark fruit juices, blueberries, red beet, ink etc.
  • Organik/Organic: fat, oil, butter, eggs, blood, grass, etc.