SensorIQ sensor technologySensorIQ sensor technology

Always optimum use of power, water, and time. 

Gorenje washing machines feature numerous sensors that continuously monitor the washing progress. Based on the information collected, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts the washing process to the selected programme, type, and weight of the laundry. Optimum results, in addition to considerable savings in power, water, and time, are guaranteed.

TotalWeight control
 – Automatic recognition of laundry weight: Using a weight sensor, the washing machine automatically adjusts the washing programme to the actual amount of laundry in the drum. In addition to savings in water and power, it also allows silent and quiet operation of the machine and prolongs the appliance's useful life.

Foaming sensor – Continuous control amount of foam allows the machine to run additional rinsing cycles when necessary. The amount of water in each washing cycle is automatically adjusted to the type of laundry which will thus be washed and preserved in the most efficient manner.