Programmes adjusted to the type of laundryProgrammes adjusted to the type of laundry

The right programme for any type of laundry.

Gorenje washing machines offer several washing programmes and temperature settings. The most commonly used programmes – cotton, synthetics, mix, delicate, and woollens – are found on the right hand side of the programme selector; on the left side special programs adjusted to a particular type of laundry are offered. In addition to the innovative UltraWhite, the washing machine offers PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, QuickWash, and two user-defined programmes MyFavourite, easily customizable by the user.

  • UltraWHITE - UltraWhite - programme for efficient care of delicate white laundry, preserving perfect whiteness at 30°C
  • PerfectBlack – washes at 30°C using liquid gel to keep your black laundry truly black.
  • BioWash – it is intended for everyone who prefers washing their laundry the natural way, e.g. with the BioBall laundry balls or with soapnuts.
  • NightWash – this programme is intended for washing during the night. Its adjusted tumbling rhythm and spinning cycle make the operation silent.
  • QuickWash – this programme will wash your favourite clothes at 30°C in just 17 minutes.
  • MyFavorite – two programme slots are available for user-defined programmes. Choose appropriate programme, adjust  other desired settings and simply save them.