WHEN IT COMES TO OVENS, THE INSIDES MATTER.  HomeMADE is a unique form of vaulted ceiling in Gorenje built-in ovens. It was modelled on traditional wood-fired bread ovens and is proven to guarantee excellent baking results. The innovative design involves a precise positioning of the heating elements for perfect baking, with the vaulted interior ensuring a more efficient circulation and an even distribution of hot air inside the oven. The result is succulent yet crispy dishes, soft breads with perfect crusts, many of our favourite dishes cooked to perfection – the way we could only dream of till now. Gorenje's original and insightful approach to oven design is homage to traditional experience and the result of a fruitful cooperation with renowned research institutions. A unique novelty with a tint of ancient wisdom!
The oven, which testifies to Gorenje's original approach to design, is distinguished by extra capacity (65 l) with the largest baking surface ever, innovative upper grill solution, which allows for all dishes to be evenly and well cooked, fast preheating of oven in only 6 minutes, cool oven panels and oven door, and numerous handy functions.