Kitchens Modern

Alea zebrano gloss / magnolia gloss

The modernity of living breaks down boundaries and opens up the space for various experiences, resulting in a magnificent combination of kitchen and living rooms representing the central room for family life.

Alea walnut wenge gloss / white gloss

A combination of unique beauty - high gloss structure of walnut wood, freshness of pure whiteness and elegance of metal handles.

Alea white gloss / bordeaux gloss

Modern luxury is created by the gleaming whiteness of the furniture enriched by sparkles of red, seducing and enchanting everyone.

Fantasia alaska white gloss / carbon gloss

A charming kitchen of excellence with an eternal combination of attraction - shiny whiteness enriched by elements of prestigious black.

Isa polar blue gloss

Let the kitchen be the place of creativity, elegantly combining different materials in modern shapes of dwelling.

Nella vanilla / walnut

Two forms orderly coupled together give a sense of perfection. Integrated handles sketch simple and comprehensive lines, accentuating the trendy design of the kitchen in vanilla colour and walnut finish.

Rea brick red / anthracite

Various stories joined in an exotic selection emphasizing the original nature of living. Boldness is expressed in the combination of selected colour tones, the shimmer of metal, the lightness of glass and the warmth of wood.

Rea urban gray / rhapsody

Clean lines of a modern kitchen with a dramatic wood pattern standing out from the snowy whiteness - elements constructing an elegant composition stretching across the room.

Selena magnolia gloss

Elegant doors reflect quality, exquisite metal handles accentuate a modern character. A room featuring such a kitchen exudes surprising simplicity and welcoming warmth.

Selena vanilla gloss / cherry select gloss

Shiny shades of vanilla excellently combined with the soft appearance of wood, revealing its kind character.

Sibila white oak

The kitchen is a place of pleasures. And it is a pleasure to see the delicate structure of white oak wood combined with elegant aluminium details and black glass.