Kitchens Modern

Brilliance green high gloss / black high gloss

The magnificence of shiny shades of PARAPAN® doors in seventeen varieties. A beauty that satisfies high expectations and desires for individuality.

Delta spruce graphite

White glass panes gleaming from the uniquely processed graphite grey surface of the spruce wood kitchen doors. Contrasts form a harmonised whole.

Delta apple green gloss / black gloss

Rounded ends coupled with attractive handle design accentuate the new, seductive lines characteristic of Ora-Ito kitchen appliances.

Delta white gloss

The spirit of modern lifestyle which transforms glossy surfaces of lively white and sophisticated black into the reflections of the most delightful moments of being.

Fortuna white gloss

Stylishness for high standards meets the desire for individual expression. Each choice from the selection of sixteen colours in satin or gloss is designed to match the smooth contours of the cabinets.

Fortuna zebrano natural

Modern trends intertwined with the tradition of quality. The purity to be found in the high glossy lines of exotic veneer is accentuated by the elegant push-pull, handle-free opening system.

Kira polar blue gloss

Original rounded shapes of the kitchen with cabinets perfectly accentuating the elegant lines of Karim Rashid built-in appliances.

Libra purple high gloss / white high gloss

Handle-free fronts love oversized panels available in numerous different colours. Each of them prides itself on the simple beauty of harmony.

Libra white

Smooth, clean lines follow the minimalist trends of modern living spaces, offering a great range of applicability.

Nola olive high gloss / white high gloss

Glossy wood pattern finish combined with white surfaces and dark borders accentuates the imagination of simple design lines. Simple equals prestigious.

Nola silver high gloss / high gloss anthracite

The room is filled with shiny boldness ranging from simple elegant shapes and intriguing composition to shiny whiteness.

Sigma white gloss

Charming whiteness in high gloss for a stylishly airy and quiet creative space, evoking positive sensations at all times.

Sigma bordeaux gloss / vanilla gloss

Seasoned red accompanied by a delicate shade of vanilla creates an ambience of subtle elegance. The option of placing the kitchen sink in the centre of the room is an ingenuous and convenient solution for larger kitchens.