Selection of doors and cabinet body Avon

Door Avon

  • foiled fibreboard (MDF) with high-gloss finish: white, vanilla, bordeaux red, black, apple green
  • laminated particle board in wood texture: walnut light, high gloss

Colour selection

White high gloss
Vanilla high gloss
Walnut light, high gloss
Black high gloss
Bordeaux red high gloss
Apple green high gloss

Body Avon

  • white laminated particle board, external panels coated in high gloss finish
  • laminated particle board in light walnut wood structure
  • particle board oak veneered and wenge varnished

Colour selection

Walnut light

The made-to-measure basin

The made-to-measure basin allows for individual choices of width between 90 and 210 cm.

Door AVON BKG 90.17:

  • white, black, apple green high gloss

Body BKG 90.17:

  • walnut light
AVON BKG 90.17