Modern Trend

Clean lines and selected colour combinations design space of modern inspiration and bold ideas.


The beauty relying on eternity creates a sense of homeliness and pleasant warmth.

New classic

Classic in the light of modern lines evokes the timelessness of the ambience and seduces everyone.

Unassembled bathroom furniture

Select unassembled items and take part in creating your bathroom’s appearance. Make it just the way you wanted it to be.

Personal. Private. Special. Bathrooms Gorenje.

Where the first ideas of the day are being born, where the images have not yet put on their masks, it is where it all begins. In an embrace of watery pleasures, in a room of relaxing intimacy. The bathroom is the only place where we really be what we want to be. Creative, unique, relaxed, elegant, classical, modern or a balanced combination of it all. Like a Gorenje bathroom which, using its palette of styles, always composes a mirror of our personality.
pdf Gorenje bathrooms 2011 / 2012
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