The remarkable ION generation fridge freezers

Refrigerators with unique sensor technology

Ideal microclimate for keeping food fresh and healthy

The Gorenje ION generation of fridge freezers was created in perfect harmony with nature and with your good health in mind. The innovative IonAir technology paired with the advanced MultiFlow 360° and NoFrost Plus functions creates the ideal microclimate for keeping the food fresh and healthy.

Every year we end up throwing out large amounts of food due to improper storage and eventual spoilage. But ION generation refrigerators provide the ideal solution – optimal temperatures combined with anions, creating the ideal environment for storing and caring for your good food, keeping it fresh and bacteria-free far longer than any conventional systems.

Fresh and healthy as can be

By keeping our food healthy we’re looking out for our own health as well. Maximum food protection is provided by a three-tier system – IonAir, with MultiFlow 360˚ and NoFrost Plus. Multiflow 360˚ is an intensive ventilation system which blows fresh air through 14 ventilation slots to maintain even, constant temperatures on each individual shelf. NoFrost Plus technology entirely prevents accumulation of frost on the food and ice in the freezer interior. Further, it prevents food in the fridge compartement from drying out by keeping it fresh and humid. This system is featured in premium models, while other models offer IonAir with DynamiCooling and FrostLess technology, another smart feature that eliminates both ice build-up and the need for manual defrosting.

The right temperature – in every corner of your refrigerator

Plenty of other features contribute to maximum food freshness. Every model of the new generation is enhanced with the extraordinary CrispZone pull-out vegetable drawer that maintains optimal humidity and holds up to 36l of fresh fruit, vegetables and more. Frozen food doesn’t get left out in the cold either: professional, extra-fast freezing in the Superior line’s XtremeFreeze drawer preserves vitamins, minerals and nutrients in frozen food by freezing it twice as fast. Other smart features for keeping food fresh include the SuperCool drawer, particularly useful when restocking after a major shopping trip; or the ZeroZone drawer in the refrigerator compartment for storing meat and fish at a critical 0˚ C.

Unique sensor technology by Gorenje

Gorenje is especially proud of their unique self-learning refrigerators featuring AdaptCool advanced sensor technology, which harnesses the innovative power of a powerful sensor system that keeps track of user habits and adjusts operation accordingly, thereby maintaining even, steady temperatures throughout. This advanced technology helps food keep longer, prevents unwanted heating up of food, and saves energy by adapting to each individual household.

User-friendly design

Alongside concerns for freshness and health, today’s consumers also expect flexible functionality and simple operation. Gorenje has responded with a variety of smart, user-friendly functions, like sliding PullOut shelves that can hold up to 22 kg of food each. The SimpleSlide principle enables easy movement of shelves up and down, with multi-point adjustment; and the SlotIn function allows flexible, easy-opening of the door, even when the refrigerator is placed next to a wall or another appliance. These features and more all are part of making a better home living experience.

Keeping it green

With a growing interest in ecology and doing well by the environment, Gorenje is working to find new ways to save both energy and money. Since refrigerators consume a lot of energy, we sought to make them as efficient as possible. All ION generation fridge freezers boast high energy class ratings, from A+ to A+++. They’re also controlled by InverterCompressors, which adjust operation according to temperature and can save up to 50% in energy consumption. Other advanced features like the EcoMode program save while you’re away from home, and fine LED illumination is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

These compelling features are available in the three lines of Gorenje’s new refrigerators – Essential, Advanced and Superior. Each line will both surprise and impress, with sophisticated design and an array of features that will satisfy all your refrigeration and larger lifestyle needs.

The ION generation refrigerators with unique sensor technology
ION generation refrigerators feature advanced technologies that provide the ideal solution for keeping food fresh and healthy.
The innovative IonAir technology eliminates up to 95% of microorganisms.
Smart technology, user-friendly solutions and remarkable energy efficiency (up to A+++) combine to convince even the most demanding users.
The Gorenje ION generation; available in three lines – Essential, Advanced and Superior.

The ION generation minisite