Gorenje SensoCARE washing machines

Fully customized washing - for peerless laundry care

The latest Gorenje washing machines boast the SensoCARE innovative laundry care technology fully adjusted to the user, modern visual identity, and ergonomic design that provides comfortable control and an exceptional user experience. Owing to their smart SensorIQ technology that automatically optimizes the washing processes, they rank among the most perfected and efficient appliances in the market as the top models boast A+++-20% rating, which means they use 50% less power than an A energy class appliance. Among the models, showcased at this year’s IFA event, we can admire SensoCARE washing machine models in new daring colours: alongside classic white also in alluring red, orange, alux and black.
The latest Gorenje washing machines (and dryers) thrill with daring colours: alongside classic white also in alluring red, orange, alux and black.

Peerless laundry care

Gorenje washing machines are always well up to the task, and paired with new generation Gorenje dryers, offer peerless laundry care. Gorenje’s SensoCARE dryers with heat pump feature unique IonTech technology that further smoothes fibres to eliminate creasing and static charge. And all these appliances boast high energy efficiency and overall friendliness – to both users and the environment.

Fully customized washing

Gorenje washing machines offer the option to choose the washing method best suited to your needs. If you tend to use the conventional washing programs (cotton, synthetics, mix, delicate, woollens), there are four new possible modes to choose from: NormalCARE, EcoCARE, TimeCARE, and AllergyCARE. These washing modes provide excellent washing results and perfect laundry care every time. NormalCARE is preset for regular daily use, optimizing the use of power and time; EcoCARE is focused on laundry care with very low amount of water and power, regardless of washing time; TimeCARE will be welcomed by those who live their lives on the fast lane as it steps up the intensity to efficiently wash the laundry in the shortest possible time; and AllergyCARE is the right choice for the allergy prone as it uses more water to thoroughly rinse the laundry.

High load capacity – up to 9 kg

The spacious drum fitted in Gorenje's washing machines of the new generation allows optimum wash for larger amounts of laundry – up to 9 kilograms at a time. Owing to the door with a diameter of 34.5 cm which can be opened to a 180 °C angle, loading and emptying of the drum is very simple even when you are washing blankets, bedding or other large items.  In advanced models, the drum is lit up when opened to allow a better view of the laundry inside.

Excellent energy efficiency

Many innovative solutions like the efficient program algorithms, OptiDrum washing machine drum, and QuickWet optimum soaking system, combined with the intelligent SensorIQ sensor technology, deliver excellent energy efficiency.

Always optimum use of power, water, and time

Gorenje washing machines feature numerous sensors that continuously monitor the washing progress. Based on collected data, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts the washing process according to the selected program and the type and weight of the laundry. This guarantees optimum results, as well as considerable savings in power, water, and time.

Wellness treatment for your laundry

Innovatively designed drum interior made of stainless steel is completely adjusted to efficient motion of the laundry during the washing process. Large volume allows comfort even when washing larger amounts of laundry. Drum perforation is carefully thought out so that the size, shape, and number of holes provide lower water and power consumption. Wave-shaped 3D ribs gently move the laundry towards the rear part of the drum and then lift it towards the top. Tilted design of the interior door glass also contributes to this process. OptiDrum will make sure your laundry gets the best possible care.

Simple choice of the right program for any type of laundry

Gorenje washing machines offer several washing programs and temperature settings. The most commonly used programs – cotton, synthetics, mix, delicate, and woollens – are found on the right hand side of the dial; on the left side of the perimeter, special programs adjusted to a particular type of laundry are offered. The innovative UltraWHITE program, for instance, is intended for care of white delicate laundry such as synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which, due to the specific character of the fabric, should never be washed at high temperatures. The laundry will receive excellent care at a temperature of no more than 30°C, owing to more intensive tumbling rhythm and more water. In addition to the revolutionary UltraWHITE program, the washing machine offers PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, QuickWash, and two user-defined programs MyFavourite that are easily customizable by the user.

Assistance in dealing with the most stubborn stains

It may often be the case that inappropriate washing method will additionally work a stain into the fabric, reducing the possibility to remove it in subsequent washes. Gorenje's high-end models offer a special StainExpert function for effective removal of the most common stubborn stains. Choose the most appropriate among the four offered groups of stains to make sure the laundry is washed effectively. The four groups include fruit – efficient for oranges, strawberries, bananas, tomato sauce, fruit mashes etc.; coffee – fights stains from tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, yoghurt, pasta, lipstick etc.; wine – cleans stains of red wine, dark fruit juices, blueberries, red beet etc.; and organic – in case of stains of fat, oil, butter, eggs, blood, or grass.

Superior component quality for a longer useful life

The heavy-duty DuraHeat heater is coated with a protection layer of nickel which makes the surface very smooth and reduces accumulation of limescale. Compared to conventional solutions, the DuraHeat will last longer and make washing machine operation more efficient. This reasserts the quality of the machine and prolongs its useful life.

Efficient and environmentally friendly motor

Generation of washing machines offering spinning rates of 1,600 rpm and accommodating 9 kilogram loads features a highly efficient electronically controlled PowerDrive motor which is, compared to the universal electric motor, more reliable and very quiet. Minimum use of power and handling larger loads more easily will translate into longer useful life. The motor is very efficient as it reaches maximum power very fast.

red dot award for new generation Gorenje washing machines

Sophistication and innovation in design of the new washing machines, paired with Gorenje new dryers, caught the scrutinizing eye of the eminent international jury for the red dot design award. Thus, Gorenje's new washing machines, designed by Gorenje's in-house Gorenje Design Studio, joined the line-up of products with the best design of the year.

New generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers

High load capacity – up to 9 kg
OptiDrum - Wellness treatment for your laundry. Innovatively designed drum interior features wave-shaped 3D ribs, adjusted to efficient motion of the laundry during the washing process.
UltraWHITE program is intended for care of white delicate laundry such as synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace.
Gorenje washing machines are always well up to the task, and paired with new generation Gorenje dryers, offer peerless laundry care.
Gorenje SensoCare; this year at IFA also featuring a special VITA function with ACTIVE, BIO, BABY and ANTI-MITES & ALLERGY washing modes.