Gorenje’s new Simplicity Collection

It's so me! - I design and arrange my living space my own way

The Gorenje Simplicity Collection boasts marvellously easy controls, adaptive technology, modern design, and excellent value. These harmoniously designed appliances are distinctive for their pure lines and minimalistic design, neatly packaged in the tried and tested "simplicity" style. And the elegant black or white glass finish works in perfect harmony with the pure lines of the handles. Together, they tell a timeless story of a beautiful, functional symbiosis between glass and metal.

Simplicity collection has its message: “don’t adapt to appliances, let the appliances adapt to you.”

Gorenje’s new Simplicity collection of kitchen and bathroom appliances includes state-of-the-art ovens, expert cooking hobs, refrigerators with unique adaptive technology, built-in dishwashers that deliver sparkling results, high-tech micro¬wave ovens, a p owerful washing machine, and a dryer with smart sensor technology.

The collection speaks to all those looking to design their living space their own way; who consider their own expression and style a top priority; who want appliances that blend easily and seamlessly with the design of a room; and who whose way of life has a genuine, simple message: it’s so me! Just like the Gorenje Simplicity collection has its message: “don’t adapt to appliances, let the appliances adapt to you.”

Advanced adaptive technology

Already upon first sight, Simplicity collection appliances convince with their refined design and genuine materials. And users are par¬ticularly taken with the simple, logical operation using only a single knob, all supported by advanced adaptive technology. The most advanced Simplicity appliances keep track of your personal settings for cooking, baking, washing, and drying programs. A mere touch or turn of a knob and your favourite settings are recalled and put into action. Simplicity does away with many a decision in your everyday life – and leaves you with more time for the things you enjoy.

Advantages that count:

Logical choice: The most frequently used and the most convenient settings are immediately available – via a single knob.
AdapTech: Advanced appliances memorize our personal choices and suggest them next time we use them.
Excellent design: Pure lines, genuine materials and ergonomics allow integrating the appliances into any home.
Excellent value: As they are well-priced, these appliances offer immediate savings. In addition, advanced technology makes sure you only pay for what you truly need.

Smart sensors, smart settings Innovative SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts the washing or drying process and delivers excellent energy efficiency.
The oven offers straightforward control with a single knob or a touch-controlled electronic timer.
Unique knobs with built-in electronic timer.
Adaptive, automatic, appealing The hoods boast genuine materials, single knob control and powerful halogen lighting of the cooktop.
Fast, efficient and safe cooking Built-in electronic timer sets cooking times of up to 99 minutes. When the set time expires, the gas burner is automatically switched of.

The Gorenje Simplicity Collection minisite