Gorenje at the IFA global marketplace 2013

Experience of visionary innovation, advanced technology and modern design

Gorenje is again among the exhibitors at the IFA, the world’s leading consumer electronics and home appliance tradeshow. This year, Gorenje is rising to new challenges with a striking new stand concept and an exhibition spanning two floors and 750 m2. For the first time, the Gorenje stand includes the exciting premium Asko brand alongside the Gorenje brand highlights.
BE INSPIRED. Experience our visionary innovation, advanced technology and contemporary design
You are kindly invited to enter the Gorenje booth and get immersed in the Gorenje story. Our friendly hosts will welcome you on an exciting journey of advanced technologies, strong values, and creativity that propel Gorenje onwards. Visit us at the Home Appliances@IFA tradeshow in Berlin from September 6 to 11 2013, in Hall 1.1, exhibition area 201, from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Dynamic marketplace, new ideas

The architectural inspiration for the stand which was designed by our own Gorenje Design Studio comes from the marketplace – a dynamic place where we all meet, a hub of new ideas, inspiring innovations, and exciting new products. The multimedia show projected on the outer wall of the Gorenje stand installation invites the visitors to enter the exhibition area and see what it brings. This year, Gorenje’s presentation at IFA certainly has something for everyone. By offering a wide array of products in varied styles and different price segments, Gorenje gives users the possibility to express their own individual lifestyles.

New technologies, new design

This year, Gorenje’s showroom will spotlight the new Gorenje ION generation of fridge freezers featuring the unique advanced AdaptCool technology and the IonAir system that keeps food fresh longer, and the award-winning IQcook induction hob in combination with a brand new IQhood prototype.

Gorenje’s IFA offerings also feature the unveiling of the new Gorenje Simplicity Collection and the new Gorenje Classico Collection which are sure to captivate the audiences with their fine select design, quality contemporary materials, and simple controls. And one of the most popular design collections by Gorenje ever – the Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection – has been extended with new, wider 60 cm fridge freezer models that feature the latest advanced AdaptCool cooling technologies. A very special place will again be reserved for the colour appliances, especially refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, which are increasingly popular among the consumers. In addition to the existing range of colours, Gorenje is presenting a new retro model in yellow.

Gorenje’s new Simplicity Collection

Standing out in particular is the technologically updated Gorenje Simplicity Collection inviting with modern design, simple control, adaptive technology, and excellent value. The collection of harmoniously designed appliances Gorenje Simplicity, distinctive for their clean lines and minimalist design addresses anyone who looks to design their living space in their own way; those who see their own expression and style at the top of their list; who choose appliances that easily blend with the design of a room; those whose way of life has a message: it's so me! Just like the Gorenje Simplicity collection has its message: "do not adapt to appliances; let the appliances adapt to you".

The remarkable ION generation of fridge freezers

Gorenje is proud to present the new generation of Gorenje fridge freezers – the ION generation, created in perfect harmony with nature and with your good health foremost in mind. The innovative IonAir technology eliminates up to 95% of microorganisms and – paired with advanced MultiFlow 360° and NoFrost Plus functions – helps create the ideal microclimate for keeping your food fresh and healthy inside the refrigerator. AdaptCool is another advanced technology that helps food keep longer, prevents unwanted heating up of the food, and saves energy by adapting to each individual household.

Mind-blowing next-generation appliances

Following up on the introduction of the revolutionary IQcook induction hob which is the first hob to employ IQ sensor technology for automatic healthy cooking, Gorenje is now introducing a prototype of the intelligent IQhood. The intelligent hood uses integrated sensors to connect to the sensors in the cooking hob, synchronizing its operation with the hob and adjusting it to the ongoing cooking processes. The hood can operate in both automatic and conventional manual modes. This superior kitchen hood boasting cutting-edge technology, touch control and sleek design is seen here as a prototype, but will soon be available to customers the world over.

Talk of new technologies brings the smart HomeCHEF oven which recently made MSN’s selection of mind-blowing next-generation appliances, back into focus. The HomeCHEF oven, one of the most innovative and advanced kitchen appliances from Gorenje, has been further upgraded with some new features. The new models, showcased at the IFA 2013, boast a new, safe and highly energy-efficient UltraCoolDoor (UCD) system, considered among the best in the market. Extremely low exterior door temperatures during cooking – as low as 30 °C – keeps everyone absolutely safe when touching the oven door. The latest HomeCHEF models are also fitted with the new GentleClose soft oven door closing system.

SensoCare fully customised washing and drying

Gorenje’s latest SensoCare washing machines and dryers featuring the innovative user- and eco-friendly SensorIQ technology are also among Gorenje’s offerings proudly showcased at this year’s IFA event. Gorenje washing machines are always well up to the task. Paired with the new generation Gorenje dryers, they offer peerless laundry care. Gorenje’s SensoCARE dryers with a heat pump feature the unique IonTech technology that further smoothes the fibres to eliminate creasing and static charge.

All these appliances also boast high energy efficiency and overall friendliness to both the users and the environment. At IFA, they are sure to thrill the audience with some new daring colours: alongside the classic white also in alluring red, orange, alux, and black.

ASKO brand comes to IFA

For the first time this year, alongside the Gorenje brand, Gorenje Group is showcasing its premium ASKO brand, offering high-performance kitchen, laundry and professional products. ASKO appliances meet the most stringent demands in terms of design, function, durability and environmental awareness. The presentation at the IFA fair includes the new range of ASKO Pro Series™ Kitchen and laundry products, and the ASKO professional range with a new larger professional washing machine and tumble dryer. 

The ASKO Pro Series™ is being launched as a full range of exclusive kitchen and laundry care products. The range flirts with the heritage and tonality of the ASKO brand – Professional and Stainless Steel. In the kitchen range you´ll find large-capacity ovens and exclusive extra-large 200-by-75-cm fridge freezers boasting nearly 400 litres of storage space. In the ASKO Pro Series™ laundry range, we find the world’s first matched extra-large domestic washer and dryer pair with professional construction. The washer boasts an 11-kg dry wash load capacity in its 80-litre drum, and the dryer 10-kg in a 145-litre drum. They are built to be the growing family's loyal friend for many years to come. 

The ASKO professional range includes a new, larger professional washing machine with an 80-litre drum and a loading capacity of 8 kg, and dryers with a drum volume of 145 litres and a loading capacity of 8 kg. With the new ASKO Professional door system featuring the SmartSeal™ solution, loading and unloading the washer becomes incredibly easy. ASKO professional laundry products are used daily to wash mop heads for cleaning companies, towels for local beauty salons and maybe even to dry clothes at camp sites or oil rigs.

The ASKO professional dishwashers boast stainless steel construction and offer models with both industrial crate carriers and flexible standard dishwasher baskets, all in stainless steel. ASKO professional dishwashers are also equipped for connection to an external detergent dosing system for two chemical feeds. ASKO professional dishwashers are ideal for nurseries, retirement homes and schools as well as smaller restaurants or cafés and public institutions or offices.

Gorenje rises to new challenges with a striking new stand concept and presents itself in two floors on 750 m2; Hall 1.1, Exhibition Area 201. The stand was designed by our own Gorenje Design Studio.
Gorenje’s new Simplicity Collection: Beautiful. Simple. Affordable.
The new generation of Gorenje fridge freezers – The ION generation.
Gorenje is now introducing a prototype of the intelligent IQhood.
The latest Gorenje washing machines (and dryers) thrill with daring colours: alongside classic white also in alluring red, orange, alux and black
Gorenje Ora-Ïto Collection, extended with new, wider 60 cm fridge freezers in black or white
The Showcased premium: Asko Pro Series™ kitchen & ASKO professional range