Dryers with the unique fibre smoothing technology

Excellently dried and ultra soft laundry without ironing

Gorenje’s latest generation of tumble dryers is distinguished by cutting edge drying and the IonTech anti-crease technology in addition to a large drum with up to 9 kg load capacity. SensorIQ - intelligent sensor technology automatically optimises the drying process and takes perfect care of your laundry – all with extremely low power consumption (up to A+++).

The unique fibre smoothing method of the IonTech technology with anti-allergic action makes your laundry even softer and smoother as it straightens out the wrinkles by controlling the static energy. Furthermore, during the ionization process, IonTech technology, in combination with the most efficient FiltrationSupreme system in the market, removes the bacteria, viruses and dust mites. It also effectively refreshes the laundry and eliminates unpleasant odours of food and tobacco. New technologies, new design:  alongside classic white we can now admire Gorenje’s dryers also in alluring red, orange, alux and black.

Gorenje’s dryers in new daring colours: alongside classic white also in alluring red, orange, alux and black.

SensoCARE - Ultimate sense for your laundry

Gorenje’s dryers with SensoCARE technology allows selecting the most convenient drying method, offering a choice between the regular NormalCARE which includes optimized drying programs, and the temperature-adjusted GentleCARE drying mode, which allows even friendlier laundry care while helping preserve your garments. A new synergy of technologies provides for superior laundry softness: a bi-directional TwinAir air blowing system dries clothes evenly throughout the drying cycle; IonTech straightens the fibres by ionising the air, making the laundry even softer; and the SteamTech steam drying technology fluffs laundry while smoothing out creases and wrinkles. After this superb treatment fresh, fluffy laundry can now be put away – without ironing.

Heat pump and IonTech ionic technology

The new generation of Gorenje tumble dryers come in various models, from vented to condenser tumble dryers. The condenser heat pump tumble dryer is distinguished by its innovative technology and classified as energy class A-60% on account of its low energy consumption – the integrated heat pump allows it to use 60% less energy than a standard A-rated dryer. Another special feature is the unique IonTech technology or air ioniser, which further softens and cares for laundry by straightening the fibres and removing unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke and kitchen odours.

A heat pump condenser dryer dries clothes at lower temperatures than standard models, taking even better care of your clothes. This is further facilitated by the unique TwinAir blowing system that introduces warm dry air into the drum through two air vents as the drum spins in both directions. Drying is more efficient, as wash loads are evenly distributed in the drum throughout the drying process, keeping the garments from getting tangled up and twisted. It’s the only household appliance to employ both the heating and cooling effects of the heat pump for its functioning.

SteamTech ironing perfection

Innovative SteamTech laundry care technology employs steam to straighten every crease and wrinkle. Ironing cotton and mixed-fabric laundry is now far easier – even not necessary at all. A remarkable independent steam drying program for shirts will particularly please those with a strong dislike for ironing; and the additional refreshment program is perfect for clothes that have recently been worn but are not ready for washing yet; or for clothes that have been in the closet for a while. It will remove any unpleasant odours and make them soft, without unnecessary washing.

High load capacity - up to 9 kg

The latest generation of Gorenje dryers, with one of the largest drums on the market (120 l) allows for wash-loads of up to 9 kg while at the same time providing optimal care and efficient drying of larger items such as bed sheets. Of course you don't always have to dry that much laundry, which makes the SmallLoad function all the more welcome, as it provides for quick drying of individual delicate items without having to wait for new laundry to pile up.

New generation of Gorenje washing machines and dryers

IonTech – Unique fibre smoothing technology
Intelligent SensorIQ technology delivers perfect care even for the gentlest of fabrics.