ASKO at the IFA fair

ASKO Pro Series™ Kitchen and laundry

ASKO is the Gorenje Group’s international premium brand, offering high-performance kitchen, laundry and professional products. The ASKO products meet the most stringent demands in terms of design, function, durability and environmental awareness. We manufacture our products to extremely high quality standards and build our domestic appliances in the same way we build our professional products.
The ASKO Pro Series™ Kitchen

Swedish quality since 1950

The ASKO story started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden, with an innovative young man´s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to make her life easier. This very first washing machine laid the foundation for what would later become Asko Appliances. Now, over 60 years later, ASKO is a part of the Gorenje Group and products are developed with the same commitment to innovation, quality and Swedish functional design as back in 1950. In the past, ASKO was recognised primarily as a wet product specialist, but now it also offers a full range of kitchen appliances.

ASKO Pro Series™ Kitchen and laundry

ASKO´s new range of kitchen products is being presented at the IFA fair. The ASKO Pro Series ™ kitchen range is a completely new series of robust and high-performance stainless steel kitchen products for anyone who loves cooking. This exclusive kitchen range includes 45 and 60 cm ovens with large capacity and a specially designed cavity for effective and even heat distribution. A 185 cm high combined fridge freezer is also presented with a converter that allows setting the temperature in the freezer department from -8 °C to +3 °C. An exclusive and extra-large alternative is the 200 cm high and 75 cm wide fridge freezer with drawers for convenient storage and a total storage space of nearly 400 litres.

Going further through the Pro Series ™ range we find gas hobs with the efficient Volcano wok burners and induction hobs with up to three flexible cooking zones (Adaptive Zones™) which can expand as necessary to fit the cookware. We recommend installing one of our Pro Series™ cooker hoods above the hob. ASKO Pro Series™ cooker hoods are strong, silent and will create a good first impression in your kitchen. With AirLogic™ technology, fume removal capacity is top-of-the-line. After dinner, the dishes can be washed in an ASKO Pro Series ™ dishwasher that offers the largest loading capacity in the market with four flexible baskets. The key components of the ASKO Pro Series™ dishwasher are made entirely of steel to ensure durability (8Steel™).

ASKO Pro Series™ Laundry, consisting of a large washer and dryer, is also introduced at the fair. They are actually the world´s first matching pair of extra-large domestic washer and dryer with professional construction. The washer has a capacity of 11 kg of dry wash load in its 80 litre drum, while the dryer can handle 10 kg with a drum volume of 145 litres. With the ASKO Pro Series™ you’ll have all the benefits of a big washer and dryer with professional construction and installation measurements that do not require you to rebuild your laundry room. They are built to be the growing family's loyal friend through many years and are able to handle large loads as well as loads that you do not normally wash and dry in standard appliances, like pillows, large blankets, carpets, duvets and duvet covers.

ASKO Pro Series™ washer and dryer
The ASKO products meet the most stringent demands in terms of design, function, durability and environmental awareness.

ASKO Professional products

At IFA, ASKO is presenting a new larger professional washing machine with an 80 litre drum and a loading capacity of 8 kg. Loading and unloading is a central part of the usage of a professional washer and with our new professional door system it’s easier than ever. The sturdy ergonomic handle is designed to last the lifetime of the machine and the door opens at a 180° angle, making it easy to keep the laundry basket close to the machine. The SmartSeal™ solution with no rubber bellows makes loading and unloading even easier, and with our new smart door lock you re-use the energy from opening the door for closing it, thus reducing the closing energy needed by 70 % compared to previous models.

The new professional ASKO tumble dryer has a drum volume of 145 litres and a loading capacity of 8 kg. They are available in vented and heat pump versions, both suitable for stacking on top of the professional washer. The heat pump version has an automatic lint filter cleaning system that simplifies daily use and gives the dryer a longer lifetime as well as lower energy consumption. Our professional laundry products are used daily to wash mop heads for cleaning companies, towels for local beauty salons and maybe even to dry clothes at camp sites or oil rigs.

You can count on the durable stainless steel construction of our professional dishwashers. They have low energy and water consumption and also meet all relevant hygiene requirements where hygiene demands are set high. The new professional dishwashers come in models with both industrial crate carriers and flexible standard dishwasher baskets. The need for efficiency is always high in our workplaces and that is why we have fitted our professional dishwashers with 6 kW elements and quick wash programs as short as 5 minutes. Our professional dishwashers also have circulation pumps that can vary the pump pressure which, for example, is good for restaurants that need a high water pressure to get large beer glasses clean and low water pressure for the wine glasses so they don´t fall over and break. All our professional dishwashers are also prepared for connection to an external detergent dosing system for two chemicals – detergent and rinse aid. This makes it possible to use stronger chemicals which in turn makes the program times even shorter. ASKO professional dishwashers are ideal for nurseries, retirement homes and schools as well as smaller restaurants or cafés and public institutions or offices.

ASKO Professional products
The ASKO professional range includes new, larger professional washing machines and dryers.