Anniversary Edition: Gorenje Simplicity Moonlight

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Gorenje launched the Gorenje Simplicity Moonlight Line – a limited anniversary edition of Simplicity home appliances for kitchen and bathroom. This spring's sales hit, Gorenje Simplicity Line is a response to a strong trend in modern lifestyle. Showing great respect for the consumers' leisure time, it is suited for those who see convenience as a priority, regardless of whether they are buying their first appliance or they are replacing one, already fully familiar with the programs and features they actually require for their daily tasks. Gorenje Simplicity introduces the Simplicity concept that embodies the key goals of design: easy-to-use interaction and minimalist aesthetic relying on genuine materials such as polished aluminium and glass. In addition, this philosophy is paired with an earnest respect for the environment and an affordable price. Less decision, more life.