Inteligent electronic control

Energy-efficient operation of a heating system depends above all on an effective control system that the heat pump is fitted with. Intelligent electronic control units in Gorenje heat pumps monitor the operation of the equipment according to the external input-output parameters, steering the circulation pumps, mixing valves, immersion pumps, shut-off valves, etc.

Basic regulation
Basic regulation supports two independent heating circuits – one direct and one mixing circuit. For each circuit, the heating curve is set independently. Basic regulation also supports heating of sanitary water with anti-Legionella program, as well as alternative sources such as solar panels or wood-fired furnaces. It also allows hassle-free regulation of additional sources such as a heating oil or gas burner. Electronic controls are universal for all types of heat pumps and heating methods. In case of major systems, upgrading the basic regulation unit is quite straightforward. In most cases, heating circuit regulation depends on the exterior temperature. The heating curve depends on the characteristics of the building being heated, which is the only warranty that the heat pump, regardless of the outdoor temperature, will always heats the water to the lowest acceptable temperature. The level of temperature thus defines the efficiency of the heating system. The lower the heating temperature, the higher the Coefficient of Performance.

Easy control
Menu navigation is plain and simple. Each screen is indicated with a consecutive number so that the user is aware at all times which page of the menu is currently open. Commands are indicated with appropriate wording. The unit can be controlled via user keyboard on the heat pump, or through functions are available through keys
on the control unit and heating system temperature is easily set with a rotating dial located in the middle of the control unit. For advanced users, controls can also be routed through interfaces to a personal computer or even to an intelligent home additional room control unit.


The Smart Web application allows you to monitor your heat pump operation regardless of where you are. An internet connection can be used to connect the heat pump controllers to your personal computer or your cell phone. Thus, the system allows you to monitor the settings, to keep up to date with the device operating status, and to receive
a warning in case of any failures. This makes remote control of your heating system convenient as well as costand energy-effective due to constant control over equipment operation.

SMART WEB remote control scheme