ON/OFF regulation

Gorenje heat pumps operate according to the ON/OFF system. The key component defining the regulation method is the compressor unit. Gorenje heat pumps are fitted with high-quality scroll compressors that excel with efficient and silent operation, as well as long useful life. In order to allow the compressor to be switched on and off less frequently, these systems require a hot water tank. Less frequent compressor switching extends the useful life of the heat pump.

In an ON/OFF system, the heat pump or the heat pump compressor operates until the temperature in the hot water tank reaches the set temperature. Then, the compressor unit is switched off into a standby mode until temperature sensors in the hot water tank perceive a certain drop in temperature. Then, the heat pump is switched on again to operate until the hot water temperature in the tank rises back to the set value.

The temperature in the tank depends on the heat insulation of the building and the heating method. With radiator heating, temperatures are higher, e.g. 45 – 55°C; for floor heating, the temperature is between 25 and 35°C.