Electrical flow heater

Electrical flow heater BFU 3, 6 and 9 kW

Circulation electric heater is basically intended for installation with a heat pump to heat individual/detached buildings. As it provides extra heating, it is mostly installed with air/water heat pumps. At low temperatures (e.g. -15°C), the air/water heat pump cannot provide the heating requirements of the building. Therefore, a circulation electric heater is used for extra heating to the desired temperature. The three-level heater uses 3, 6, or 9 kW of heating power, depending on the heating requirements.

Circulation electric heater is fitted with overheat protection and a contactor for external control of the three power levels. The electric module uses the principle of a heater immersed into a water tank or an electric heater without domestic hot water. Stainless steel spirals and the tank are made of acid-resistant steel that ensures a long useful life.


  • 3 level extra heating source
  • 3-6-9 kW of heating power
  • Used mostly with air/water heat pumps

Technical characteristics of the BFU electrical flow heater

Height mm 560
Width  mm 240
Depth mm 135
Cylinder volume l 1,6
Circulation heater power kW 3/6/9
Electrical protection level / IP44
Max. allowed water pressure MPa/bar 0,25/25
Power supply / 400 V AC 3ph 50Hz
Min. water temperature °C 10
Maks. input water temperature °C 58
Switch-off temperature °C 9
Minimum water flow m3/h 0,45
Maks. working pressure bar 7