Heat pumps AEROGOR - Component description

Indoor unit

  1. Heat exchanger
  2. Compressor unit
  3. Exspansion valve
  4. Four-way reversing valve
  5. drying filter
  6. Refrigerant injection valve

1. Heat exchanger

Works as a suction accumulator to protect the compressor from influx of liquid refrigerant. Works as an interior heat exchanger and improves the efficiency of the cooling system.

2. Compressor unit

Through years of use, the “scroll” technology proved an excellent choice as it delivers higher efficiency rates as well as silent and reliable operation.

3. Condensser unit

Efficient transfer of thermal energy: highly efficient panel condenser unit with low flow resistance.

4. Exspansion valve

Its function is to reduce the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant to the level allowing its evaporation and entering into the evaporator unit.

5. Four-way reversing valve

Allows active cooling in summer months and defrosting of the external unit.

6. Drying filter

An element in the cooling system intended for removal of water from the refrigerant in order to prevent corrosion of the system’s elements.

7. Refrigerant injection valve

Allows heat pump operation in extreme temperature conditions and protects the compressor from overloads. Adjustable for different operating conditions.

External/outdoor unit

  1. Fan
  2. Housing
  3. Electronic expansion valve
  4. Evaporator
  5. Evaporator safety cover