Advantages of heating with heat pumps

60 to 75 % lower heating costs

Heat pumps obtain 3/4 of required energy free of any charge, from the environment in which you live. Soil, groundwater, and outside air store huge amounts of thermal energy which can be transformed into heating energy using heat pumps. The savings are considerable compared to other conventional heating systems. The amount of power consumed by heat pumps is notably lower than the amount of heat they generate.

An investment into the future

If you decide to install a heat pump today, you should be aware you are making an investment in the next medium term period. Its true value lies in many measurable and nonmeasurable aspects. In addition to the safety of investment, flexibility, low heating costs, comfort, and many economic and ecological benefits, a heat pump is actually an investment in your future and the future of your children.


New construction, refurbishment, or heating system replacement

A heat pump is an ideal solution for heating and cooling of newly constructed or refurbished buildings, or when replacing an existing heating system. Since it operates on the principles of low-temperature heating, it is suitable for both underfloor heating and heating with wall-mounted radiators, as well as a combination of both. Heat pumps are also appropriate for rebuilt or refurbished buildings with radiator heating. If heating water temperature of 55°C suffices even in the coldest days, then heat pumps are the most economical source of heating.

Warm in the winter, cool in the summer

Unique heat pump technology allows your heating system to heat your home during the winter and cool it during the summer. Remarkable aermodynamic characteristics and the capacity of transferring a maximum amount of thermal energy from the environment allow, in addition to economical heating of rooms, heating sanitary water throughout the year. Moreover, without additional work or investment, the system can be used for cooling regardless of whether you use wallmounted hot air heaters or underfloor heating.

Simple control

Heating with heat pumps will save you time, worries, additional work, and money for supply of other fuels. All systems allow highly convenient and simple operation. A full system will also allow remote control.