Heat pumps

Aquagor G, Terragor G, Aerogor Split G

Water/water heat pumps are among the most efficient heating energy systems since the temperature of ground water is a very reliable and constant energy.


Aerogor Inverter

Brine/water heat pumps use the heat stored in the ground where a huge amount of energy is stored, generated by precipitation and sunlight.


Geothermal ALL-IN-ONE

Air/water heat pumps make use of the energy accumulated in the air in the environment. Since the temperature is easily recovered from the air, installation of the external unit is straightforward. The construction is simple and fast.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pump is a technologically advanced system adjusted to make use of renewable energy sources.

Advantages of heating with heat pumps

Check out advantages of heating with heat pumps.

High-temeprature heat pumps

Hightemperature heat pumps are energy-efficient alternative to the conventional high-temperature systems that use oil, gas or wood as fuel.