Description of components

MAIN OUTDOOR UNIT COMPONENTS Aerogor ECO Inverter heat pumps


Description of aerogor ECO Inverter outdoor unit components

The outdoor unit includes key components for highly efficient heat pump operation:

  • DC inverter compressor featuring compressor frequency control
  • Evaporator unit with hydrophilic coating and excellent heat transfer
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Silent axial fan


The interior Hydrobox includes components that allow simple installation and therefore lower investment costs:

  • Internal heat exchanger – condenser unit,
  • Circulation pump of the A energy class
  • Safety valve and air vent valve
  • Modern control unit (touch screen)
  • Electric circulation heater (for bivalent systems)

Aerogor ECO Inverter heat pump is the ideal solution for heating in new and refurbished buildings, owing to:

  • performance range from 4 to 13 kW,
  • Operating range from –25 °C to +45 °C,
  • lower heating costs resulting from high coefficients of performance (COP),
  • lower power consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, cooling in the summer, and high system reliability,
  • possibility of connection to an existing heating system,
  • option to connect solar collectors.
  1. Heat exchanger -condenser
  2. Control unit
  3. Circulation pump (A energy class)
  4. Electric instantaneus water heater (for bivalent systems)
  5. Flow – heating circuit
  6. Return
  7. Connectors for connection to outdoor unit