Description of components


  1. Compressor
  2. Four way reversible valve
  3. Fan
  4. Heat Exchanger – condenser
  5. Electro box (with integrated Soft start module)
  6. Receiver
  7. Dry fi lter
  8. Integrated circulating pump (“A” energy class)

Description of aerogor compact w outdoor unit components

Special V-shape of the evaporator allows a large heat exchange area. Blade spacing of 3.9 mm and the V-shape are the keys to cost-efficient operation even in the harshest of conditions – high humidity and low temperatures – which may persist throughout a good part of the heating season. Why? Large blade spacing (3.9 mm) allows less frequent frost build-up and therefore less frequent evaporator defrosting. Fewer defrosting cycles mean lower heating costs. The V-shape has the advantage of allowing fast drainage of condensed water after the defrosting process, reduced danger of freezing. Through years of use, the »scroll« compressor technology proved an excellent choice as it delivers higher efficiency rates even in harsh conditions, as well as silent and reliable operation. The compressor envelope zone allows heat pump operation even at temperatures of -15 °C and -20 °C. Copeland ZH compressors boast a proven long useful life. Four-way reversible valve allows reversing the operating process, which enables active cooling during the hot summer months and in the process of evaporator defrosting. The soft start module decreases the high start-up current fed to the compressor. The condenser unit allows transferring the refrigerant heat to the heating circuit or to the domestic hot water circuit. The built-in circulation pump of the »A« energy class allows adequate flow on the water side of the condenser unit and, as a result, efficient transfer of heat.

INDOOR UNIT Aerogor Compact – HydroBox

Following are the key HydroBox components:

Three-way switching valve allows switching from the heating regime to domestic hot water regime. It is the task of this valve to redirect the water to the heating water storage tank or to the domestic hot water storage tank, or vice versa.

Electric circulation heater for bivalent operation. In case of extreme winter conditions, the heat pump no longer generates maximum heating power. Therefore, electric circulation heater is switched on as necessary to provide additional water heating. On average, the heaters operate from 10 to 15 days per year, but only when the temperatures are around -15 °C; such temperatures hardly ever persist throughout the day in our region.

Modern control unit allows diff erent settings for heating, cooling, and domestic hot water heating. The regulation is weather-dependent. The control unit regulates the heat pump and heating system operation according to the outdoor environment temperature and the desired indoor temperature in the user's home. Owing to a special algorithm, the heat pump only generates as much heat as required by the heating system, in any given moment. Regulation of cascade heat pump systems and bivalent systems is also possible.


  1. Control unit
  2. Main switch 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
  3. Air vent valve
  4. Electrical flow heater 2/4/6 kW (for bivalent systems or back up)
  5. Three way switching valve
  6. Extension module