WEB-EDI for Business Partners

Edi Gorenje Group

EDI Targets

One of the main goals of EDI team in Gorenje Group is to provide quick and reliable connections with our partners: customers, suppliers, banks, after sale services and logistic partners.

We can receive and send electronic documents in different standards and via different communication.

EDI Standards

EDI Classic

EDIFACT standard is still in use in the companies which have started with EDI data interchange some yars ago. Today we use this standard for invoices, dispatch notes and orders.

Web-EDI solutions

With this solution we offer small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to rapidly and efficiently exchange business data with companies of Gorenje Group. Enterprises can benefit from the advantages of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) without startup investments for hardware and software. On the other hand, these data entry points offer them easy access to all business documents interchanged with our companies.

XML standards

XML technology is more and more in use for data interchange between business partners. This standard is already in use and can be quickly implemented for different documents.

SAP - Idoc interfaces

Since 2003 SAP software is implemented in Gorenje d.d. With the companies which also use SAP system we suggest use of standard SAP interface - Idocs. The implementation is quick and suitable for both sides.


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